All classes meet TSPC requirements for re-certification

What types of classes do you offer?

FIELD CLASSES: These classes are taught on specific dates by Jake Gordon. Jake offers one, two, and three day classes. Most classes are held outdoors, and focus on exploration and discovery. In most classes, there is some leisurely paced walking. In some classes public transportation or carpooling may be used.

How do I register?

REGISTRATION:  For all live field classes, it is suggested that you register for the class by clicking the registration button to reserve a place on the course roster. For field classes, official registration and payments take place on the first day of each class.

You are asked to pay Jake directly by cash, check, or via Venmo. The Heritage Institute will grant the credits following the completion of coursework.  Jake will provide a receipt.

What are the course costs?

1 credit    $140

2 credits   $235

3 credits   $340

An additional fee of $10-$25  is normally collected at each class, to pay for museums and/or materials.


What do I bring?

For field classes, it is recommended that you bring a backpack in which to carry course handout materials. It is also a good idea to bring snacks and water, as we may be on trails and away from food and drinks for extended periods.

What do we do for lunch?

Lunch is generally about an hour. In most classes, we are close to restaurants at lunchtime, but you could always bring a lunch, if you’d like.

How do I contact Jake?

You can contact Jake via email at OregonFieldClass@gmail.com.