Jake Gordon

Jake has called Oregon home since his early childhood and graduated from Western Oregon University in 2014 with a Bachelor’s in Social Studies Education. The reason Jake became a teacher was to share the world with students and give them the skills needed to explore and understand the world around them.

In 2017 Jake took an academic sabbatical to pursue his graduate studies. He moved to Germany and completed a year of graduate studies at the world-renowned American Studies Leipzig Institute at University Leipzig. With an expanded world-view and knowledge base, Jake returned to Oregon where he earned an M.S. in Social Studies Education from Western Oregon University in June 2019.

He currently teaches social studies and geography at Adam Stephens Middle School in Salem, Oregon. In addition to teaching, Jake is an elected member of the Center for Geography Education in Oregon’s steering committee and plays an active role in guiding geography professional development in Oregon.

When he is not teaching he enjoys spending time exploring Oregon’s different regions—especially the wilderness areas.